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BNC Commerce Engagements

BNC Commerce has been and will remain a major contributor to Tunisian and global economy as well as regional social and economical development.
Located on the majestic Mediterranean coast, in a traditional rural development area, BNC Industries participate in the national creative program of jobs and labour absorption, in collaboration with the Ministry of Vocational Training and employment. We offer our employees qualified opportunities and vocational education and training, thus raising their skills and boosting jobs’ prospects and placements. This initiative promotes employment in an underdeveloped rural region, discourages child labour practices, reforms women’s rights and ameliorates the employment and overall living conditions of the population in surrounding communities.

Our Industries boast state of the art facilities with recent additions comprising energy efficient machinery and environmentally responsible plans for resources procurement, energy consumption as well as equipment maintenance. In addition to sustainable productivity, BNC Commerce has created and manufactured environmentally friendly and ethically sourced products, and remains actively aware of circular economy and fair trade practices. The manufacturing facilities have implemented quality production processes, obtained qualifying certifications and adopted management systems to ensure food products safety measures throughout the supply and distribution chain.

BNC Commerce adheres to fair trade practices and is in-process of reaching standards and completion of the application to be labeled.

To date, BNC Commerce has produced and distributed over one and half million, environmentally friendly products in North Africa, Europe and North America. Granting it a global position and an acclaimed reputation amongst large stores chains and independent retailers across the globe.

In an effort to remain innovative and respectful of environmental protection, BNC Commerce has collaborated with renowned culinary artists to concoct organic, chemical free and deliciously natural recipes for its line of Mediterranean Gourmet delicacies

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