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BNC Commerce has proudly and successfully mastered the promotion of its own, creative brands of in-demand elite products, on a global scale. Amongst our fabulous brands we count


Wax Wrap

WaxWrap is a sustainable food storage made out of beeswax and cotton. Reusable, environmentally responsible and biodegradable, the healthy way to preserve your food fresher longer.

The perfect alternative in response to the current need of food & plastic waste control, and environmental compliance.

To find out how you can join the wave to save the planet one little step at a time, visit us at


La Megara

La Megara Mediterranean Gourmet delicacies brand. La Megara obeys the measures of authenticity of the traditional Tunisian culinary culture and the high standards of quality in compliance with international and U.S requirements.

La Megara team assembles premium quality ingredients from Tunisian farmers and fishermen and works closely with culinary artists to elaborate deliciously combined flavours and recipes, providing a line of high end Gourmet Mediterranean food products.

Discover the original taste of the Mediterranean farms and sea.

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BAYU Olive Wood Homewares

Bayu natural and ethically sourced olive wood wares are all unique, durable and entirely made from unproductive olive trees, straight from the Mediterranean groves.

Each skillfully crafted ware, boasts the distinct swirling patterns of twisted olive wood trunks. These beautiful patterns and intriguing dark grain make each piece unique.

Olive wood is very dense, it resists stains and odours, better than other types of wood and has its own antibacterial agents and moisture resistance properties. The ideal ecologically responsible and sustainable homeware for the intentional household.

BAYU Home & Kitchen Linens

A stunning Home & Kitchen Linens Collection, made from high quality, elegantly constructed and well sewn fabrics; lending sophistication and style to any home. The Home & Kitchen Linens Collection from Bayu enjoys high end added value and is the perfect example of private label abilities and branding skills demonstrated by the specialization of BNC Commerce.

BAYU Candles

A ravishing collection of candles crafted meticulously. Expert extraction of oils & perfumes combined with premium sourced wax and long lasting cotton wicks, creating the perfect blend of warm, cozy and serene aromatic lighting. Non toxic, paraffin free and made from natural essences, the Bayu Candles Collection is an elegant and a uniquely sought after offering.