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La Megara, Wax Wrap, Bayu


Wax Wrap

Following nature’s lead, Wax Wrap created a modern collection of eco friendly accessories, made with care and crafted for the intentional wellness of our consumers and the planet.

We stand by our values, which every member of our team conscientiously shares and intentionally adheres to. Our commitment is to diversity, equity and respect for all living creatures and for the planet.


La Megara

La Megara is a family business that strives to promote Tunisian and Mediterranean Products worldwide.

The La Megara team strongly believes that Tunisian food products and hand-crafted items are unique, as they are made entirely of natural products, that come directly from Tunisian farms and groves.



Bayu intends to create not only products for customers, but also a feeling, and a moment in time that is beautiful, simple and enjoyable. Find your moment, with Bayu.