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Tunisian Organic Extra Virgin Unfiltered Chemlali Olive Oil

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Chemlali Olive Oil

Metallic Tin 1 Liter

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Chemlali is a 100% Tunisian variety direct from the mediterranean. Chemlali Organic Extra virgin olive oil is known to have fruity and mild notes, making it more subtle than our Chetoui Olive Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has a light, earthy aroma, which makes it perfect for almost all dishes, such as salads, sauces or grilled meat.

Suitable for vegetarians
FDA Approved
Gluten Free
No Chemicals additives
Certified by Ecocert

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  • Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Packing & Logistics

  • 6 Pack: 7”W X 6”H X 5”D
  • 12 Pack: 7”W X 6”H X 5”D


Keep at room temperature away from light & humidity.

Shelf Life

Up to 24 Months

Nutrition Facts

About 67 serving per container Serving size 1tbsp (15ml) : Calories 120 | Total fat 14g (18%) DV) | Sat Fat 2g (10%) DV) | Trans Fat 0g (0%) DV) Polyunsatured fat 1.5g | Monounsatured Fat 10g | Cholest. 0mg (0%) Sodium 0 mg (0%) DV) | Total Carb.0g (0%) DV | Fiber 0g (0%) DV) | Sugars 0g | Protein 0g. Vitamin D 0mcg (0%) DV) | Calcium 0 mg (0%) DV) | Iron 0 mg(0%) Potassium 0mg 0%. Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on 2 | 000 calorie diet. | Protein 0g. Vitamin D 0mcg (0%) DV) | Total Carb.0g (0%) DV | Calcium 0mg (0%) DV)
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