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Tunisian Organic Extra Virgin Unfiltered Chetoui Olive Oil

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Chetoui Olive Oil

Metallic Tin 1 Liter

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Chetoui is a 100% Tunisian variety direct from the mediterranean. Chetoui Organic Extra virgin olive oil is known to have a fruity flavor with hints of green almonds. Chetoui has a more robust taste and darker color than the chemlali variety. The intense flavor of this oil is perfect for salads or as a dip.

Suitable for vegetarians
FDA Approved
Gluten Free
No Chemicals additives
Certified by Ecocert

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  • Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Packing & Logistics

  • 6 Pack: 7”W X 6”H X 5”D
  • 12 Pack: 7”W X 6”H X 5”D


Keep at room temperature away from light & humidity.

Shelf Life

Up to 24 Months

Nutrition Facts

About 67 serving per container Serving size 1tbsp (15ml) : Calories 120 | Total fat 14g (18%) DV) | Sat Fat 2g (10%) DV) | Trans Fat 0g (0%) DV) Polyunsatured fat 1.5g | Monounsatured Fat 10g | Cholest. 0mg (0%) Sodium 0 mg (0%) DV) | Total Carb.0g (0%) DV | Fiber 0g (0%) DV) | Sugars 0g | Protein 0g. Vitamin D 0mcg (0%) DV) | Calcium 0 mg (0%) DV) | Iron 0 mg(0%) Potassium 0mg 0%. Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on 2 | 000 calorie diet. | Protein 0g. Vitamin D 0mcg (0%) DV) | Total Carb.0g (0%) DV | Calcium 0mg (0%) DV)
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